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2 responses to “Kapow! The SuperRPG is FREE on RPGNow.com”

  1. The Fifth Wanderer Avatar
    The Fifth Wanderer

    Still reading through Kapow! but it looks interesting so far. I think I've found an errata though: In the Power Level table on p. 98, it goes from 8 to 10, skipping 9. I'm assuming that a Level 9 power would roll d10, d8?

  2. Joshua Macy Avatar
    Joshua Macy

    Oops! Yes, indeedy! Every odd level is one die higher, one die lower… Let me see if I can fix that…

    Fixed. New version (1.01) available on RPGNow. You should actually get an email and link alerting you to the new file to download. I took the opportunity to fix the upper levels of the table past PL 14, which were also wrong, and stick a version number on the cover so folks can more easily tell which version they have in case I have to do this again….

    Thanks for pointing that out! Just goes to show that there's always something.

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