Kapow! Version 1.01 on RPGNow.com

An alert reader pointed out a missing line in the table for Power Levels in section 9.2.  I’ve fixed it and uploaded the new file to RPGNow.  If you already downloaded it, you should get an email and new link.

While I was at it I stuck a version number 1.01 on the cover and in the text, so it’s easy to tell which version you have in case there are more fixes…






5 responses to “Kapow! Version 1.01 on RPGNow.com”

  1. The Fifth Wanderer Avatar
    The Fifth Wanderer

    Wow, that was quick! Have you considered offering Kapow! in print, either via RPGNow's print-on-demand service, or Lulu or something similar? Come to think of it, I think RPGNow uses Lulu to do their printing anyway. It's something to look into. But I'd wait a month or two to see if anyone spots any other mistakes.

  2. Joshua Macy Avatar
    Joshua Macy

    It crossed my mind, but it would end up being a pretty expensive book, even if I set my cut a zero. Plus, when I investigated Lulu it seemed like I'd have to spend a bunch more effort formatting it to their guidelines… I'll wait and see if there's demand for it, or if people who want hard-copy are content with printing it at Kinko's or the like.

  3. Ludanto Avatar

    Hey, my buddy (The Fifth Wanderer) showed me Kapow! and I was really impressed. Give this thing a makeover and publish it in print and I'd buy it! I was so inspired that I made my own character sheet:

  4. Joshua Macy Avatar
    Joshua Macy

    Wow! That's a nice-looking character sheet! You mind if I share that link around?

  5. Ludanto Avatar

    Sure. I've got a nice PDF of it if you like, but nowhere to post it.

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