Oct 282011


Just in time for Halloween!

Argh! The Supernatural RPG

Download it from RPGNow.com and investigate the supernatural today!

Also, character sheets.


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  3 Responses to “Argh! The Supernatural RPG is released!”

  1. I dare you _not_ to do a fantasy game based on the SFX system! What genre is next?

  2. Next up is Zap! The SF RPG. We've been play-testing for a while, but the manuscript needs a bunch of work. There's also Poof! The Fairy Tale RPG, but that might be a quicky conversion sheet for Argh! rather than a whole core rulebook of its own.

    I do have some ideas for a fantasy version, tentatively titled Hack!, both because fantasy is the 800 lb gorilla in the room of RPGs and because I have some ideas for easily scalable generational and dynastic conflict, and free-form yet sandboxy travel and exploration.

  3. I'm lookinging forward to Zap! and Hack!

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