sfxrpg.com is the home of the SFX!â„¢ roleplaying game system and its various genre-specific games, such as Kapow!â„¢, Argh!â„¢, and Zap!â„¢  SFX! games are designed to be “Simple, Fast and eXciting!”â„¢

The mission of SFX!  is to answer the question: How can I play an RPG set in a genre that actually feels like that genre as it’s being played? By making the Primary Rule “Does this sound like the genre?” trump all the other rules, SFX! ensures that whatever else is happening, the players are never prevented from accomplishing some action perfectly in keeping with the genre just because the rules don’t cover it, or forbid it.  At the same time, by giving the players specific, concrete rules to resolve whether genre appropriate actions actually succeed in that specific case SFX! makes it possible for the results to surprise everyone at the table, unlike strictly free-form story telling games.

SFX! is the brainchild of Joshua Macy, with more than a little help from his crew of gamers: Russell Impagliazzo, Doug Bellew, Elyssa Gilmar, Wendy Gale, Daniel Rossi, and Mike DeSanto.  Russell Impagliazzo deserves special credit for many hours spent hashing out the details of the systems, particularly Argh!

All SFX! games are free, released under the Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial/Derivatives allowed license.

The artwork in the SFX! games and on this site was created and is © 2010 and 2011 by Joshua Macy, and is not licensed for redistribution or reuse except as permitted by the doctrine of Fair Use, primarily because it is composed using a variety of 3d models and backgrounds, some of which are encumbered by more restrictive licenses which are not within my power to waive.


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